Dr Zimmer Fogorvos

First of all allow me to introduce my practice. I see my old and future patients in a modern, well-equipped office meeting EU requirements located in Budapest, in the heart of South Buda, still, in a friendly, homely, civilian environment.

The dental unit as well as all the other dental tools and devices are very modern; their quality fully reflects the demands of the XXI. century. From the comfortable, multifunctional dental chair you can follow all the parameters of your actual dental treatment on a screen, but you can also watch our picture gallery or a DVD during the intervention.

The western-European quality materials used for the treatments are available on affordable prizes. The laboratory of my experienced dental technician colleagues, in which the various types of dental implants are prepared, is also very modern, well-equipped and has a history of decades.

Your satisfaction and comfort are crucial for me, so during any kind of a treatment I pay maximal attention to these issues. Painless, careful and prudent work characterizes my interventions with affordable prices, short deadlines for the dental implants and overall guarantee for my services.

The following services are available for my patients within the overall dental service provided:

  • free oral examination, diagnosis (oral camera, dental x-ray)
  • cosmetic dentistry (whitening), dental hygiene (scaling, polishing)
  • dental conservation (filling, root canal treatment, gum treatment)
  • ambulant oral surgery, paradontology
  • aesthetic dentistry (inlay/onlay)
  • dental implants (aesthetic dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures)
  • implantology
  • paedodontics and preventive dentistry

Just like in all dental clinics the main purposes of the treatments are healthy, nice teeth and a glowing, perfect smile. You can achieve these without fear or anxiety in a confidential, friendly doctor-patient relationship. Please take a look at the detailed list of my services.