Free oral examination, diagnosis

Dr Zimmer Fogorvos

The first consultation with each patient is used for the examination of the present teeth condition and for the anamnesis. This goes together with stomato-oncological screening examinations, since the direct purpose of dentistry and of the dentist is not only to care for the teeth, but to protect the health of the oral cavity and to treat its problems if necessary.

In all cases the graphic teeth state is recorded complemented by oral camera shots; this way the patient gets a full picture about the condition of his/her teeth and about the possible problems.

If necessary, the above mentioned diagnostic methods can be completed by x-rays also on the first consultation. Besides traditional dental x-rays, panoramic shots can also be made. X-ray diagnostics plays an important role in finding the focus of infection as well as in the planning of dental implants.

The primarily goal is, of course, to treat acute complaints. However, I compile a complete treatment plan on our first consultation about the complex rehabilitation of the patient’s oral cavity. If the patient does not only require to treat the acute problems, we consult on the following steps of the individualized therapy and treatment.