Dental Hygiene

Dr Zimmer Fogorvos

Dental plaque removal by ultrasound

Plaque is sclerosed tartar. Its appearance depends on the quantity of plaque and on individual traits (e.g. the composition of saliva). Dental plaque removal is necessary in every half-one year in general. During ultrasound dental plaque removal the machine removes plaque, tartar and colouration form the surface of teeth, but preserves the enamel.

Polishing and scaling

In order to reach perfect mouth hygiene in our everyday life regular polishing and scaling is needed. On smooth surface of the teeth plaque cannot appear so fast, this way we can avoid ulitis, and we are able to stop or prevent the further appearance of plaque.

Gum treatments

As a final step of dental hygiene treatment the cleaned and polished surfaces of teeth are painted with various solutions. These solutions contribute to the success of treatment with their demulcent (antibacterial) and disinfectant effect.

Giving instructions, motivation

The complex teeth cleaning carried out at the dentist’s is the first but a very important step in achieving perfect mouth hygiene. In order to preserve the outcome of the treatment I always give some advice to my patients regarding teeth and mouth hygiene, I explain the necessary methods they should apply (correct way of tooth brushing) and the tools they should use (electric and manual toothbrush, dental floss, tooth cleaners, etc.)