Dr. Zoltán Zimmer

Dr Zimmer Fogorvos

I graduated from Semmelweis University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry in 1990. Earlier I obtained dental technician qualification. Before taking my board examination I worked for the VII. district Local Authority’s Dental Clinic, then for St. Rókus Hospital at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. On becoming a dental specialist I started to work for SOTE Dental Implantology Clinic with numerous renowned colleagues of dentistry. Afterwards, I worked for a Private Clinic in Buda as a dental specialist.

To my mind it's important to get higher education. I'm on my way to it, and currently, with the help of writemydissertationforme resource work on my thesis. I can say that to write my dissertation is a very complicated task, and it's great to have the possibility to get some help.

A few years ago I opened my own practice in Buda. I specialized in adult dentistry: I make general dental operations, including dental conservation, dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, ambulant oral surgery, implantology; but endodontic and paradontologic treatments are also included in my services. Moreover, I also treat children. Besides the dental treatment of children, it is very important that they get used to regular dental visits, and that through painless treatments we can prevent the development of fear in them.

Above professional competencies I maintain good relationship with my patients regardless of their age or sex, since I believe that this serves as a basis for painless, stress-free dental treatments. As a patient I would lay claim to precise, careful and painless work at my dentist’s. So as a dentist I keep in mind these issues and to the best of my knowledge I pay close attention to work without giving any pain to my patients. Being a dental specialist and a dental technician at the same time eases my work when planning and preparing dental implants, since I have a multiple perspective – one of a dentist’s and one of a technician’s. This way I am aware of how and with which methods the different implants are prepared, and having a comprehensive view I can recommend the best technical solution for my patients in the case of teeth loss.

I always try to inform my patients throughout, especially when there are various possibilities available and we consult on the best possible, individualized solution. I speak English.